How to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly

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Which device do you use the most to browse the internet?

Probably, your mobile phone.

That is why optimising your website for mobile – aka mobile friendly – is critical.

Because you are not alone, mobile devices – i.e. mobiles and tablets – are now the most popular way to visit websites.

However, being mobile friendly, doesn’t end with just making your website display correctly on a mobile device.

Let me ask you this question:

How many apps do you have on your mobile?

Im guessing, at least 20!

Think about a person who has come to your website on their mobile.

Keeping their attention on your website is no longer just about the competitors in your field.

You now have to compete with every other app on their phone, which they may open at any time and consequently leave your website.

And this where all the recommendations I have made before play out.

You need to be maximising your speed, SEO, conversion and accessibility to give yourself the best opportunity of keeping people on your website on a mobile.

My Website Analyser test

In this analysis, I test your site on Googles Mobile-Friendly Test.

How to get score well

Getting a perfect 100% score on the Google Mobile-Friendly Test is no easy task.